Most Romantic Places in Kiev Ukraine

A photo of the panoramic view of Kiev.
Kiev Ukraine is filled with ideal spots to express your genuine love.

Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe, is the second largest on the continent after Russia.

Its capital, Kiev, is situated on the Dnieper river in north-central Ukraine.

Over time, Kiev has undergone major modernization, leading it to being an important center of industry, science, education, and culture of Eastern Europe.

Aside from its contribution to the overall economy, Kiev Ukraine is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world.

With its history and natural landscape, couples are sure to enjoy the city. If you are a lone traveler, the city can also be a great place for you to find and know your potential partner.

The country itself is famous for its beautiful women. Western men have long been captivated by the Ukrainian mail order brides.

The ancient architecture of Ukrainian buildings gives tourists a glimpse into the country’s unique history. The moment you hear and discover the legends and love stories of these romantic spots, nothing remains indifferent.

One thing is for sure, your stay in these romantic places for couples will strengthen your affection and value your time with your sweetheart.

Top Romantic Places in Kiev

If you have no list yet for the places you want to visit in Kiev, worry no more. Below are the top romantic places that you can tour with your partner:

1. Saint Sophia Cathedral - "Wisdom of God"

Saint Sophia Cathedral is the only structure in Kiev that still stands and maintains its original form, especially in its interior. Many of the mosaics and frescoes are authentic, dating back from 1917-1931.

This cathedral was built to celebrate the victory of Prince Yaroslav from the Pechenegs.

The Saint Sophia’s bell tower is among the most famous bell towers in the world.

Its bell tower stands at 76m-tall, shaped like a wedding cake. This architectural monument was built with a touch of Ukrainian baroque. Bell towers were the skyscrapers of the time, way back in the 14th century.

Saint Sophia Cathedral is a symbolic monument. Locals regard it as a central shrine, providing harmony, protection, and a light to its people’s fate.

At the present time, the cathedral is serving as a museum.

2. St. Michael’s Monastery

Making your way north the Dnieper river, it is impossible not to be awestruck by the golden domed, blue church on the other side of the proyizd Volodymyrsky - St. Michael’s Monastery. This monastery was named after Kiev’s patron saint.

If you visit the monastery, you’d notice that this isn’t the same exterior and interior as the original structure based on the photos found on the internet. This is because the monastery was torn down in 1937 by the Soviets for the reason that they didn’t believe it had any “historical value”.

In contrast, the cathedral is now considered as a monument to the victims of Holodomor (starvation) and famine planned by Soviet regime as an attempt to get rid of the peasantry.

As many as ten million Ukrainians died in 1932-1933 because of this.

A photo of one of the historical churches in Kiev, Ukraine.
Golden domed churches in Kiev play an important role in the history of Ukraine.

3. Castle Hill - "The atmosphere of the mountain is covered with magic."

Castle Hill is another popular tourist spot in Kiev. It is famous, or perhaps infamous, as a place where witches were said to gather and perform rituals.

In the 18th century, a cemetery was established. Due to its mystical reputation, some local cults conducted their rituals and ceremonies in the 1980’s. The cemetery is currently abandoned.

Despite its association with witchcraft, this attraction offers a panoramic view of Podil, Andriyivsky descent, and St. Andrew's Church.

It is now a popular attraction for tourists to visit and take photos.

4. Pushcha Vodytsia Park

If you are looking for a place where you can connect with nature, this park is definitely a great choice, with its lush greenery, picturesque lake, and fresh air.

Historically, it used to be a hunting ground for the county’s princes during the 11th century. From the 18th to 20th century, Pushcha became a place for forestry and an elite cottage village of noble men and rich merchants.

In the second half of the 20th century, sanatoriums, recreation centers, and state residences were established.

If you plan to visit this place gifted with great natural architecture, you don’t need to choose between seasons. There are a lot of activities to do in the park.

In summer, you can enjoy cycling and resting at its sandy beaches. During autumn, you can have a picnic and share food with your loved ones while enjoying the beautiful hues of the pine trees and oaks. During the freezing winter, this place is also a perfect spot for skiing and skating.

5. Lover’s Bridge

The lover’s bridge is the meeting place for many couples in Kiev. The bridge has been a quiet witness of numerous courtships and marriage proposals.

Aside from being a place of happy couples, this bridge has also been a spot for romantic poets, like Taras Shevchenko, to write their love letters and poems.

Many couples who visit the place hang locks with their names written on them, or tie a ribbon on the railing of the bridge as an indication of pure love, a vow that they will love each other through thick and thin.

The bridge was severely damaged during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution. It was blocked with burning tires that made Hrushevskiy Street and the European Square impassable for the police officers.

It was reconstructed in 2015 and has continued to serve its purpose.

It is considered by romantics to be the strong metal symbol of love.

6. Fountain of Desires

This fountain is different from other typical fountains installed in Ukraine.

The fountain of Desires is located in a hotel called Intercontinental. It is unique for its 21 golden bowls with images of the goddess Nike, the goddess of victory.

It becomes more attractive in the morning because of its reflection in the water - a mysterious sprinkle of golden glows.

People don’t just visit the attraction just to witness its form. Couples and newlyweds go there to wish for a happy family.

Be Ready To Fall In Love With Kiev

A vibrant photo of the city of Kiev at night.
Nighttime in Kiev sets an atmosphere of romance and excitement.

Kiev Ukraine remains widely undiscovered by foreigners.

The marks of its authenticity and historical monuments are preserved. This capital is a great avenue for nature lovers with an eye for historical buildings and landmarks.

The City of Domes should be on your bucket list. Whether you love the superb architecture of downtown Kiev or experience first-hand its rich history, it’s a place you will fall in love with.

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