International Dating Travel Essentials MEN MUST HAVE

A picture of an airport International travel can be a slog, but it can be made breezier.

It has happened; you’ve been on several mobile dating apps hoping to be matched with a beautiful foreign woman, and it’s actually happened. You may not have started out with the best hopes for international dating, but then you met someone, exchanged messages, and maybe even talked face to face, and you’ve fallen hard.

Now it’s time to meet the woman you’ve fallen for. You plan on traveling to her country to meet her in person. You go online and look at ticket prices and promo fares, you research hotels in the city you'll be staying in, you go over the best deals and maybe consider splurging on some extra leg room on the plane. You plan on renting a portable internet router so you can stay on your dating app and maintain communication with your dream girl.

You also start looking at your bags and clothes and go over every piece of wardrobe, trying to find the best ones to carry in your limited space. You think about a lot of other things, too; you look at restaurants in the city and come up with fun date ideas.

So you start packing your clothes and maybe look up some packing tips. Maybe you pay a little extra so you can check in a heavier bag while keeping your carry-on, all so that you don’t put a strain on your shoulder and have to deal with that pain while you’re trying to get your dream girl to fall for you.

But your clothes aren’t the only things you should take when you travel to meet women you find on free dating apps. You can’t bring everything, but there are a few essentials that you should take with you for any international travel.

  1. A Neck Pillow
  2. People sleep on planes and it’s especially true in the case of long flights. Getting some shuteye so you can step off a little bit refreshed is just something that’s done so you're not all groggy once your plane lands.

    Then again, the seats on airplanes may not be the most comfortable in the world. Sure, there are some airlines that have seats that can be converted into beds to make sleeping easier, but if that’s not possible, then a neck pillow can be of serious help to you.

  3. Packing Cubes
  4. Look at your packing case - the wheeled trolley is probably your biggest piece of luggage and has the most space to put your things in. Look at the space inside and notice how much there is. Now, if you do a little bit of math, you’re more than likely to come to the conclusion that your space, while considerable, is still limited.

    Packing cubes can be pretty helpful. While it may seem counterproductive to add an extra thing that will take up valuable space, packing cubes are pretty great for organizing your stuff and making the most out of your limited space.

    Think of them like shelves in a closet. Instead of having that vast empty space in which to hang your clothes in, you get shelves and racks to make it a lot easier to organize the items in that space.

    Packing cubes can make taking an international trip a whole lot easier because the actual packing is a lot easier. Instead of stuffing things into your trolley, you can place them in the cubes and then stack those cubes in your trolley.

  5. Travel Bottles
  6. There are certain things that are not allowed on airplanes, and one of those things is a container full of liquid. This means that things like lotion and shampoo have to get thrown out. But what if you need that shampoo and/or lotion?

    Well, you can put your toiletries in your check-in luggage, but then you may want easier access to them or you may want to pack light and just bring a carry-on bag.

    As such, you can always get travel-sized bottles and put your needed toiletries in them so you don’t have to go without the things that make you feel all fresh and clean, and being fresh and clean is a boon when it comes to international dating and dating in general.

  7. A Handheld Weighing Scale
  8. You’re probably going to be bringing more than just your clothes and essentials when you take a trip. You’ll probably bring a gift as well, because that’s what most online blogs connected to the best dating apps for relationships tell you to do.

    But the thing is that plane tickets generally come with a limited amount of weight that you are allowed to check in, and that goes for coming as well as going. Hotels will generally have a weighing scale handy for their guests, but what if you don’t have access to that because you’re not at a hotel?

    A handheld weighing scale can be attached to a piece of luggage to determine the weight. It works by lifting the case off the ground with the attached scale, and then it will display a fairly accurate weight. As a bonus, it can also be a bit of a workout.

  9. A Power Adapter
  10. You probably use electronic devices, like a tablet, smartphone, or a computer. These things need to be plugged into a power source every now and then to make sure that they can function.

    But the thing about different countries is that they may have different types of power outlets. Instead of the two-pronged power outlet that Americans may be acclimated to, other countries may use different configurations, which can make plugging in devices a little more complicated.

    Well, having a power adapter can simplify it. Power adapters come with a vast array of prong configurations, so you can plug them into almost any wall outlet.

    They also have different configurations for different types of plugs, so you can likely plug your device into one, and you can keep it charged enough to keep texting your potential partner even after you should’ve gone to sleep already.

    Traveling internationally is a privilege, as is finding love. International dating is a combination of the two, and it's even more of a privilege. Then again, it should be done right in order to maximize its potential.

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