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Thailand is one of the MUST-visit countries in all of Asia. It does not only offer you a variety of flavorful and exotic dishes; it will also amaze you with its culture and picturesque tourist destinations. However, among the things that the country has to offer, its women tops it all - the stunning Thai women. With the looks and good attitude that these women have, they are close to perfection as homemakers.

Finding a Thai woman to marry is a privilege that no man should miss. These women are both alluring and loving. The country may have been culturally-influenced by its neighboring lands, yet it still remains preserved throughout the years. Thai women still practice the traditional values that their ancestors have passed down to them and this is one reason why single Thai women are worth marrying for. Although these women may be open and approachable, winning their “yes’ for marriage is not as easy as reciting the English alphabet. It takes more than just guts to woo them; it takes effort, commitment and above all, love.

Before you go prancing into the land of smiles hoping to get yourself a Thai bride, you have to understand first why these women are marriage-worthy. You need to know the attributes that they hold inside and out. This is one way of assessing whether or not they are suitable for someone who is as faithful and loving as you. You must dig deeper to find the treasure these women hide inside.

Impressive Qualities of Thai Women

When it comes to marriage, there are a lot of things that you need to weigh and consider. Here are a few of the impressive qualities of Thai women that qualify them to be your lawfully-wedded wife:

  • Faithfulness and reverence to their partners. May it be to their country, their family or their partners, these women are faithful. They are sure to stick by your side through thick and thin, in sickness and in health and until death do you part. These women can be relied on to the wedding vows they uphold because from them, wedding vows aren’t just words that are good during the wedding ceremony; these should be lived by in their lifetime. Their faithfulness roots to the culture and religion that these women have. In Thailand, women are expected to be respectful and faithful to their husbands.
  • Simple and non-materialistic. These women are opposite of what others perceive them as being materialistic and lovers of money. In fact, they are actually simpletons. They would never marry for money because what they are after is true love. However, money is still something important to them. It symbolizes stability and better opportunities for the family that they are going to build with their husbands.
  • Traditional yet modernized. These women are expected to perform the practices done from generations to generations. However, they are not behind of modernization. They have also been up-to-date when it comes to the trends of today’s time and still manage to catch up with them amidst being traditional. Foreign men will not have so much trouble as to socializing with single Thai girls and in asking them out to date because they already have prior knowledge with Western culture.
  • Beauty and intelligence. Thai women are not just known for their astonishing looks and sexy bodies but they are also known to be smart. They know their ways in and out of anything and they know how to properly react and adjust to situations. They are intelligent enough to have self-discipline and emotional control which make them fitting to be any decent man’s girl.

In totality, Thai brides are unique and one that you shouldn’t miss marrying to. These women will give you the kind of love that you seek for. They are sure to give you a lifetime of memories that you cannot regret.

Thai Mail Order Brides vs Western Brides

If the above mentioned qualities of Thai women are not enough for you to choose and make them your wives, here is a quick comparison on few aspects that will help make up your mind on why you should marry Thai women:

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  • Building a Family. For Thai women, marriage is not just about the husband and the wife. The Thai culture has taught its women that marriage is about building your own family. Her “yes” is a sign that she is ready to build a home with you and is willing to give up her own career to spend time nurturing the children. On the contrary, having kids with Western women is subject for debate and thorough discussion. Many Western women see motherhood as a life of long-term obligations that might hinder their caree
  • Wedding Ceremonies. Thailand may have celebrations that are as colorful as their culture; yet, in terms of their weddings, they prefer to keep it the traditional way. It may be a significant event for Thai ladies, but they prefer to keep it simple and invite only those who are very important. They opt to have an intimate and sacred ceremony like those that they are used to than that of a lavish and fancy one---the kind which most Western brides prefer.
  • Husband’s Age. For Thai women, age is just a number. Being older than her does not impose a problem at all. They even prefer men of age because of their maturity and sense of responsibility when it comes to relationships. In comparison to Thai women, Western women tend to frown upon men of older age. They mostly prefer men who are of the same age as they are.

Thailand Wedding Traditions
for its Women

Thailand is known for being an amazing country with a deep-rooted and lengthy history that is also filled with cultural wonders and places of interest which every tourist would love. Another highlight of the country is its wedding traditions. To have a little idea on how the wedding ceremony in Thailand is done, here are some of the country's interesting traditions when it comes to weddings:

  • Paying Homage to the Bride’s Ancestors. This is usually done the night before the wedding day. This is just a simple ceremony done by Thais in order to honor the bride’s ancestors.
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  • Making Merit. Before the wedding, the couples must make merits. This is not only done on weddings but it is practically done in every important Thai occasions. Inviting monks comes with an average cost because of the donations intended for them. In Thailand, it is widely-believed that donating merit gift to the local wat or temple ensures a lifetime of love for the marriage. If the groom donates generously to the local wat in the name of the parents of the bride, it shows great respect to both the parents and the bride. However, there are also other ways in gaining merits such as granting an animal its freedom.
  • Khan Maak Procession. In tradition, the groom’s family should discuss with the family of the bride about the sin sod or what Westerners call as dowry. This symbolizes the stability of the groom in providing their daughter a good life. Once this has been agreed, the engagement shall then take place. During the engagement, the groom, together with his family and friends, shall have a procession to take the khan maak man (‘the items for engagement’) to the bride’s home by foot and while singing and dancing.
  • Sansuk. When the khan maak procession arrives, the bride remains inside the house while the groom undergoes a test of his worth if he is really able to financially take care of his bride. He has to open two types of doors or gates, the pratoo ngoen (golden gate) and the pratoo tong (silver gate) which are guarded by female family members of the bride. The key to this gate is an envelope containing money. The guardian will tease the groom whether or not the money inside is enough for him to pass; if she is satisfied, the groom may then pass by another gate until he reaches the parents of the bride where he has to give the khan maak to marry their daughter.

There are other more traditions that you must know when it comes to marrying Thai women. However all these are worth it when you get to spend a lifetime with your faithful and loving Thai wife. Explore your romantic opportunities with these Thai women seeking for marriage through us, the best Thai marriage agency. Come and join our Mail Order Brides tours now!

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