Mail Order Brides | The Good, The Bad, and Everything In Between

A couple in an international marriage setup Learn everything you need to know about mail order brides and see for yourself why they are worth a try.

Origins of mail order brides

The mail-order bride phenomenon can be traced as far back as the early 1800s. The U.S. West Coast saw a mass migration of men upon discovery of large gold reserves in the region. However, what these optimistic and ambitious trailblazers didn’t account for was the inevitability of loneliness and the eventual need for romance and the assurance of settling down - pleasures they could not get in the company of their fellow men.

The creeping loneliness led some of them to post ads and write letters to different institutions in an effort to find an unmarried woman willing to blaze the trail with them. For those who were lucky enough to have had takers, they would just communicate through letters until such time that the woman was ready to move to the West with them, hence the term mail order brides.

Mail order brides of today

With the advent of modern technology, the concept of mail-order brides took an entirely different direction - a better one at that - while still staying true to the very principle that started it: to find a partner in distant places. International marriage or intermarriage is essentially the modern-day equivalent of the mail order bride phenomenon. It’s the same concept but backed with modern technology, multimedia, and the convenience and security of caring customer services.

The emergence of international dating sites like ultimately paved the way for people to broaden their dating possibilities worldwide. It provides a safe, accessible and easy platform for people from different parts of the globe to communicate and - over time - fall in love.

The negative connotations and misconceptions

While the concept of utilizing the services of overseas dating sites to look for foreign brides is slowly becoming a widely accepted norm, there are those who still think negatively about it. Among the most common negative connotations associated with it, is that it allegedly trivializes relationships and treats women like a commodity who can just be ordered and shipped upon request.

Although there are some sites whose practices may not be as reputable or professional as others, the vast majority of international dating sites out there on the web are legitimate and take their duties seriously. Their priority is to give men and women an equal shot at finding life long happiness together. You may be surprised knowing that the majority of the relationships formed online have a higher likelihood of resulting in happy, stable, and contented marriages. It is a sensible alternative to simply relying on luck, seeking random hookups or the letdowns of the casual dating scene in bars and clubs.

Pros and cons of international dating sites

We would be the first to admit that there are certain pros and cons of international marriage and overseas dating sites. It’s hard to deny that they come with their fair share of complexities and potential pitfalls. Nothing in this world worth doing - and doing right - is accomplished without some effort and preparation after all. Especially when long term happiness is the goal.

One of the most glaring disadvantages or challenges (depending on how you look at it) of dating internationally is the high probability that it will (at least initially) necessitate both of you accepting a long-distance relationship. The absence of a physical connection is a real possibility, maybe over many months, and a virtual relationship may cause you both feelings of longing

On the bright side, distance is actually a great test of patience and sincerity. It could serve as a strong foundation from which your relationship can grow and build upon. If you can make it through this time living apart, imagine what you can do when together forever?


The concept of mail order brides has certainly evolved along with our times. How we find each other has changed thanks to modern technology. We find that what was once often a frustrating courting trek, full of unforeseen pitfalls and potential letdowns, can now be achieved in an informed and convenient process. But what didn’t change is the principle behind this concept which is anchored on a simple and noble purpose - to give like-minded people the best chance for finding real love - no matter the distance, or the cultural background.

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