Warning Signs of Foreign Women with Commitment Issues

A photo of a couple who seem to be giving each other the silent treatment Know what red flags to watch out for when dating foreign women.

Dating foreign women is great and everything, but how will you know if you’re on the same page?

Knowing what you want in a relationship — whether it’s a casual fling or something more long term — should always come first. Only then will you be able to determine if the woman you’re dating shares the same goal as you. As a result, there will be less room for you to worry about commitment issues.

However, the red flags don’t just start or end with your partner as it can also depend on the circumstances. Dating someone from a different culture can be a challenge, but when it comes to relationships, you should be able to at least have the same understanding of the importance of commitment.

Before you pursue foreign women, be sure you know what warning signs to look out for:

  1. She has unreachable ideals for a partner.
  2. Does she subtly make you feel that you don’t live up to her standards? Setting high expectations is often done by women who are afraid of commitment. After all, it’s easier warding off people in the name of high standards instead of just telling them the truth. It’s like a defense mechanism that effectively keeps other people from getting close to you.

    Dating foreign women and identifying if they are ready to be in a committed relationship can be tricky. If she continues to set too many expectations that seem too unrealistic, she would need to correct them herself. In reality, we all have our good, bad, and ugly sides. Just remember that long-term couples tend to thrive more because they create common ground and don’t demand perfection.

  3. She feels uncomfortable about labels.
  4. Have you pulled out the boyfriend and girlfriend talk and ended up with her drawing back from such terms? It may be non-verbal cues of dislike, or she may bluntly say so herself and back it up with countless reasons as to why she rejects such an idea of putting a label on your relationship.

    She will have plenty of well-thought arguments laid out so you won’t be able to force her into labeling your relationship. Those with fear of commitment will always say that labels are constricting, that there is simply no need for such a thing, or that the relationship you have right now is beyond terminology. Overall, this only means that she doesn’t want any responsibility in your relationship.

    If the first thing she thinks about when it comes to relationships is that she will no longer have her freedom, it’s a clear sign that she’s not ready to be part of one. The truth about healthy relationships is that both parties need to have the same level of understanding in terms of what commitment is. If you feel that your freedom to do anything you want is determined by your significant other, it would make no sense for you to be together in the first place. It should be about bringing out the best in each other no matter what.

  5. She easily gets bored with you.
  6. Say you’ve been dating for a considerable length of time and all of a sudden she’s showing signs of getting bored. That right there should be a major red flag. She may dismiss the fact that she’s happy with you or neglect your efforts in making her happy.

    As a result, she could entertain other guys for her own enjoyment, and it all comes back to her having too high of a standard in terms of a relationship. She could also be dating you in order to date other men who have better opportunities to offer. This is one of the things you need to avoid when finding a foreign girlfriend — always remember to focus on being with someone who thinks of you as enough.

  7. She rarely makes plans with you or not at all.
  8. If from the start she has no intentions of being committed to you, she will surely feel no need to make plans with you. Commitment issues run deeper than losing interest or avoiding anything long-term. Anyone with this problem will avoid thinking ahead of the relationship altogether. They don’t feel bothered about losing people because they believe that they can always find someone else.

    She may show signs of discomfort whenever you mention settling down, making investments, or even just planning a trip for the next month.

  9. She doesn’t want you to meet her loved ones.
  10. Considering that you haven’t met her friends and family even after dating for a good amount of time, it can only mean that she doesn’t want you to. Having a relationship with a foreigner is an exciting experience, but if she’s not comfortable with introducing you to the people who are close to her, she may not plan on being with you for long.

  11. Her past relationships are mostly short-term.
  12. Sometimes, a person’s past relationships can show tendencies and patterns. If you happen to know about her various short-term relationships, it could be a sign that she doesn’t take commitment seriously.

  13. She could only be interested in the chase.
  14. Does she almost always prefer to hang out in clubs or bars? Is she not bothered by meeting in the same place over and over again, doing the same activity and never really planning on more meaningful dates? It could be that she’s only interested in the first few dates where men tend to spend more money in order to make a good impression. That’s why you should never fall easily for someone unless you’re sure that they feel the same way, or are at least trying to create a connection with you.

    Before Pursuing Foreign Women

    In spending time with the woman you’re dating, you will eventually be able to tell if commitment is something she can bring to the table. If not, there should be no reason why you can’t pursue other women who are willing to be faithful and committed to you.

    Although most foreign women are keen on having long term relationships, it’s possible that not all of them share the same idea when it comes to commitment. As such, it’s best to be safe by knowing what warning signs to watch out for before pursuing any of the ladies you’re interested in.

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