Signs a Foreign Woman Wants to Marry You

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When talking about marriage, some women can be very straightforward, but some just drop clues. This wouldn’t be a problem if the foreign woman you’re dating says it outright, but if she’s not as vocal with her desires, perhaps she’s dropping clues in other ways.

If you keep on missing out those signs, your foreign date will end up frustrated. If this is the case, you don’t even need to know how to make a girl want to marry you. You just need to find out if she’s dropped hints or not.

Whether you met her on free foreign dating sites or through conventional methods, you must first make sure that you and the woman you are dating are on the same page when it comes to your relationship. Here are some signs a woman wants to marry you (which is the same as with any foreign woman):

She talks about a future with you

When it comes to the talk about the future, she’s always including you in the picture. She shares about how she pictures both of you in a few years from now, like which city you could live in, what kind of house, where you’d take vacations, what your lifestyle would be, and even what color you should paint the bedroom. Whatever her plans are, she will always include you in them.

In every dream she tells you, you’re always part of it. And if that’s not blatant enough for you, she may even talk about how she envisions herself being married, like saying where she wants her wedding venue to be or what kind of gown she will wear.

If that’s not obvious that she’s ready for marriage and she’s considering you as her lifetime partner, then we don’t know what is.

She mentions having children

She may bring this up in a subtler way, like asking you if it’d be okay for you to be a proxy father to a child. One reason she’s bringing this up is to figure out whether you’re ready to be a partner or not. Opening up about this topic may also be her way of saying she wants to have kids or a more subtle way of saying you’d be a great dad.

Or she might just ask your opinion about children. Whatever the reason may be, pay attention because she might show how much of a child-lover she is, which can also indicate that she’d want to be a mother. Either way, bringing up children is a telling sign that she wants to marry you (or at least considering the possibility).

Parents are now in the picture

Another glaring sign is when she wants to meet your family or asks you to meet hers. No matter how far apart you are, she insists that you both meet each other’s families. Even if that may not be a sign for marriage, at least it indicates that she’s serious about the relationship.

When she does meet your family, you’ll see the sweetest side of her spilling out. She will try to get close to your family members, like getting on the same page with your sisters or helping your mom out in the kitchen.

Speaking of parents, she might also talk about how her own mom and dad married at approximately the same age as her. This can either signify she wants to be married soon or she’s just worried about the thought of it. Perhaps she’s worried she’s still hitting the dating stage while her parents have long been married when they were at her age. Either way, take this as a good sign that she’s ready for marriage.

She starts deciding things for you

Don’t take offense when she becomes a super-meddling girlfriend. It’s not because she wants to dominate you. It’s probably another hint she wants to marry you.

By making some decisions for you, she’s letting you know that she wants to be a bigger part of your life. With this perspective, you don’t have to be bothered by her nagging. Whether she takes charge of minor details or important factors, indulge her every once in a while. If anything, it indicates how much she wants to be involved.

Money discussions start

Maybe you’ve been dating longer than you can notice, but when she starts talking about your savings, investment or future plans together, then it’s a clear sign she wants to take the relationship to the next level.

When you’re on the same page, it’s a clear sign of commitment and possibly ready for marriage. When this subject comes up, be mindful of how receptive or engaging she is to the topic. Whether you met her in one of those foreign dating sites, having this conversation would determine whether you two are a good fit or not.

She brings you shopping to furniture stores

Has this been happening often recently? Maybe your usual mall window shopping has now been turned into some kind of furniture hunting. Even if you aren’t living together, you’ve been spending time at the malls browsing home decor or furniture.

One thing’s for sure, your long term date is subtly making you consider actually making a home together.

She fusses about weddings

She mentions a lot about going to her friends’ or relatives’ wedding, even bringing you as her plus-one. She also talks about what kind of flowers she wants at the center table on her wedding. An even more telling sign is she constantly stops in bridal boutiques to stare at a certain wedding dress.

She may even add some details about how she wants her dress to be. Marriage, to most girls (even foreign women), is very important, so when you see her daydreaming about wearing the dress she’s staring at while with you, she may be actually considering wearing it while walking down the aisle with you at the end of it.

Your foreign woman date may be downright clear about wanting to get married or she might just prefer leaving some hints. Whatever the case, when she’s dropping these signs, then you know it’s time to put a ring on her finger.

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