Philippine Mail Order Brides Choosing Filipina Girls for Marriage

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Searching for the right one can be a rigorous process. There are a lot of things that you should consider before calling her your bride. Let us try to help you narrow down your options as to bride choices up to one of the best brides available-- Philippine women. These women will make your eyes pop through their stunning looks -- tanned skin, toned and sculpted bodies and warm smiles that can make your heart fall.

Their physical aesthetics are not the only ones that make them worth-choosing for as brides. They are amongst the chosen ones as brides because of what they hold beyond their looks. Their inner quality is what makes them worth-choosing for and finding out what these qualities are can be quite surprising and eye-opening.

Impressive Qualities of Philippine Women

Filipinas hold impressive qualities. Although this may not necessarily apply to every woman, majority of them possess the following qualities:

  • Gorgeous and Smart. Filipinas have undeniably good looks as mentioned above yet their cleverness is what interests men. They have wits and humor that any man would adore. A date with these beauties will simply not bore you. They can easily catch up with any topic thrown at them.
  • Strong Family Values. These women have grown in tight-knit families. They are family-oriented and have a soft spot for their parents, siblings and elders. Their dedication in taking care of their family is incomparable that they always put their family’s welfare above their own.
  • Practical and Good at Finances. Growing up in a third-world country where money is a great necessity in their daily lives, Filipinas know how much hard life can be. Given this, they grow to be practical women. The Philippine community is one that is very hard-working and gives high-importance to budgeting. Because of this, Filipina women make sure that the cost is worthy of the end-product. They only spend money to what is needed rather than what is wanted.
  • Committed and Submissive. Single Philippine women may be strong and intimidating at first meet but once you make the effort and finally make her your wife, you will be surprised on how committed she is. These women qualify for the word “lifetime” because they live up to their wedding vows. They will submit themselves to you and to the family you both will build. They will make you lead the marriage, yet when it comes to raising the children, they see to it that you work hand-in-hand.
  • Loves the Idea of Motherhood. On top of everything, Filipinas are very much eager to become a mother. Growing up, they are prepared to become ready for the stage of motherhood. They are taught of different ideals and principles that help them be molded into amazing mothers. Once they become mothers, their topmost priority is their husband and their children that they are even willing to give up their careers to become full-time housewives.

Philippine Mail Order Brides vs Western Brides

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If the aforementioned qualities of Filipina women are not enough for you to choose and make them your wives, here is a quick comparison on few aspects that will help make up your mind on why you should marry Philippine women:

  • Building a Family. To Filipinas, marriage is more than just the husband and the wife; it is about building up a family of their own. Her “yes” to your proposal means she is ready to build a home with you. They are willing to give up their life as a career woman to be there for you and your children. On the contrary, having kids with Western women is subject for debate and thorough discussion. Many Western women see motherhood as a life of long-term obligations that might hinder their career.
  • Wedding Ceremonies. Filipinos may be festive in terms of their culture; however, when it comes to wedding, they have this principle that the simpler, the better. Weddings may be a big part for Filipina brides, yet they prefer to keep it simple and invite only those who are very important for them. They opt to have an intimate and sacred ceremony than that of a lavish and fancy one which most Western brides prefer.
  • Husband’s Age. The major difference between marrying a Filipina and a Western woman lies on how they see age in marriage. For Filipinas, age is just a number. They do not mind marrying someone older. In fact, they admire men who are older than them because they see them as more mature and more responsible when it comes to relationships. In comparison to Filipinas, Western women tend to frown upon men of older age. They mostly prefer men who are of the same age as they are.

Philippine Wedding Traditions for its Women

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Philippines have several traditions that are common in the marriage culture across the country. If you now plan on dating Philippine women for marriage, you might want to know about these traditions in advance to help you get ready for that big day.

  • Pamamanhikan. Her “yes” after asking her for marriage is actually not the end of the engagement process. The process continues to the stage where you have to ask her parents formally for her hand. What makes it different from Western ways is how it is being done. To ask her hand in marriage from her family, you have to bring your own parents and other representatives from your family to meet your soon-to-be bride’s family. You have to bring food and gifts and discuss your plans before, for and after the wedding as well as your intentions in marrying her. This act is what they call as pamamanhikan.
  • Pa-Alam. If her parents approve of the marriage, the next mission is to inform everyone in your family about the wedding. What you’re going to do is to personally visit her relatives to announce your impending nuptials. This announcement is different from just sending them invitations. This will show how much you value and respect her family as much as she does.
  • Wedding Expenses Are Shouldered by the Groom’s Family. In traditional Filipino ways, the groom’s family have to pay the cost of the wedding. In replacement of a dowry, this shows that you are financially stable and capable of building and supporting your own family.
  • Despedida de Soltera. Now that everything is ready for your wedding, this means that you and your wife-to-be are about to end the life of being bachelor and bachelorette; hence, Filipinos celebrate the so-called despedida de soltera. This is somehow similar to the bridal shower and stag party of the American culture.
  • Wedding Sponsors are Influenced by Families. The decision on who should be the sponsors is decided by the families of both the groom and the bride in Filipino traditions. However, since she’s the Filipina between the two of you, her family may start appointing people to be you sponsors---something you should not be surprised of. They do not usually sponsor everything but mostly stand as witnesses of your wedding
  • A Day-off From Each Other a Day Before the Wedding. Yes, there is this filipino tradition that’s rooted from the belief that if the bride and groom see each other a day before the wedding day, it will bring bad luck to their marriage. Well, there is no harm in following this one so you might just want to comply. Besides, what is a day worth if you have a lifetime to look forward to?
  • Money Dance. During the reception, you and your now-wife will be dancing in the middle of the room while your guests pin money bills on both of your wedding clothes. The money dance is believed to bring good luck to the couple’s marriage in the financial aspect.

All in all, everything that has been mentioned about Filipinas surely makes them great to be a lifetime companion and are also the reasons why men marry a Filipina woman. You might want to try your luck in romance with one of these Filipinas and who knows you’ll find your own Filipina bride through our best Philippine marriage agency!

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