Matchmaking 101 | The Common Misconceptions of Matchmaking

Matchmaking myths debunked Let’s debunk some of the myths regarding matchmaking.

Are you tired of the normal methods of dating online? Wish there was a more convenient way to find love? Then how about giving matchmaking a try? This old practice is making a comeback mainly because more and more people find the usual online channels exhausting and unreliable. There’s also the fact that a little help could go a long way in making your quest of finding the one more convenient and faster.

With a reliable matchmaking service provider like you won’t have to interact with women who aren’t compatible with you any longer. That’s because the ladies you would be introduced to have some (if not most) of the qualities you are looking for. Gone are the dates that lead to nowhere.

Even with these benefits, there are still people that are apprehensive about getting help from a professional matchmaker. That’s probably because they imagine the old fashioned version of it, which was to pair women with financially suitable husbands. But these days, matchmakers pair couples according to their compatibility. And there are other myths about matchmaking that need to be debunked. These are just some of the misconceptions of matchmaking services:

  • That people who sign up are desperate and dejected
  • Not all people who sign up are those that were rejected constantly. Most of the love seekers even have successful jobs and squeaky clean backgrounds—people who are considered eligible by society’s standards. One reason they seek out a professional matchmaker is that they simply don’t have the time to seek ladies on their own.

  • Members have dubious backgrounds.
  • Also worth mentioning is the ladies featured on matchmaking apps and sites have been thoroughly screened. So you can be reassured that none of the ladies have shady backgrounds. Matchmaking agencies, like, not only look out for the client’s best interest but also their safety.

  • Social events are monotonous.
  • You’re probably imagining a scenario similar to speed-dating, wherein men and women get to interact with one another over a limited time. However, matchmaking events are actually much livelier than that. Yes, clients are given time to get to know the women, but they also do so in a variety of ways. In our case here at, we take our clients and female members on different tours so they experience the sights and sounds. This fosters a bonding experience like no other.

  • Matchmaking can feel isolating.
  • On the contrary, having a matchmaker around makes you feel like someone is on your team. Another way to think of a matchmaker is a professional wingman. Besides, searching for the right partner can take a lot of work. During that whole process wouldn’t you want someone to guide you every step of the way?

In short, the matchmaking process simply helps you find your life partner in a safer and more thought out way. If you are serious about finding your future wife, then perhaps a matchmaker is all you need to find her. There’s no harm in giving it a try. You can be well on your way to finding the love of your life simply by signing up for free here at

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