Dating Advice | 5 Ways to Ace Your Socials Night Experience

A man drinking with 2 foreign ladies. Make meeting foreign ladies at our social events even more fun and memorable by following our dating advice.

One of the most anticipated events of our world-famous singles tours is the socials. It’s essentially a night where you’ll get to meet and mingle with single lovely women, among many other activities lined up for the whole evening. Throughout the night, you get the chance to talk to them by stopping by each of their tables. In a way, it’s a lot like speed dating, only you have more ladies to talk to. For most of the men and women who join our tours, the socials night is their highlight.

Although each singles tour organizes at least two nights of social events, that still doesn’t leave you much room to interact with all the ladies if you don’t play your cards right. If you’re afraid of missing out, here are some pieces of dating advice to help you land a solid connection with at least one of the ladies during our socials night:

  • Dress the part
  • There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable with what you’re wearing. However, make sure to spruce up your attire so that you can attract attention. Whether you’re going formal or slightly casual, make sure the clothes fit you well and the colors match. More importantly: Whatever your outfit is, wear it with confidence.

  • Prepare some interesting questions
  • When you talk to foreign ladies looking for love, make sure you have some questions in hand. But don’t just ask the usual questions because they can be boring and repetitive. Also, the women might feel like they’re being interviewed for a job position.

    One way to grab the attention of foreign ladies is to engage them in an interesting conversation. Ask them fun questions, such as what their favorite snack was when they were younger or what kind of food they eat when they’re down. Aside from that, crack some jokes and share some fun trivia to really liven up the conversation.

  • Pay attention to what they’re saying
  • While it is important to talk to them, you should also give them a chance to speak as well. They would not have a good impression of you if you hog the conversation. You may not end up connecting with all of them, but the least you can do is listen when they talk. You may just be surprised by what you hear and may even spark your interes

  • End the conversation amicably
  • You won’t be able to connect with all the women you interact with. So if you have to turn down someone, at least do it nicely. Tell them that while you thought they were nice, there just wasn’t any connection. It also helps to wish them good luck in connecting with the other men from the socials. That way you don’t burn any bridges.

  • Just be yourself
  • Last but not least, just be yourself and don’t put up a front. As cliche as it sounds, nothing beats a man who is confident enough of himself that he doesn’t need to put up a facade just to impress a lady. After all, you’d want to find someone who will accept and appreciate you for who you really are.

When you join one of our singles tours, you have plenty of other opportunities to connect with the women. And if you don’t connect with anyone on that first night, you can redeem yourself on the second night with some help from any of our professional matchmakers. If you keep at it, eventually you’ll find the right woman. Hopefully these dating advice for beginners of our matchmaking service will help you out.

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