To Marry or Not - Chinese Women DECIDE on the First Date?!

A tribe of men are realizing that in Shenzhen, Chinese women still possess the traditional marriage and family values they’ve been missing in the West.

Amid evolving modern dating cultures, dating in China steadfastly remains marriage oriented. This comes with pros and cons for single Asian women in the Chinese dating scene.

On the one hand, a Chinese bride holding off for a better bachelor than what she’s finding in the Asian marriage market may instead find herself stigmatized alongside other so-called “sheng nu” or “leftover women.”

A legion of men keen on foreign dating see China as increasingly becoming an opportune location where marriage minded Western men can date in Asia.

Asian women are generally perceived to be more appreciative of traditional masculinity than Western women, who in comparison are seen to be not so warm towards manhood. As a result, a large brotherhood of bachelors flee Western dating culture to meet and greet Asian singles for marriage instead.

For years, a Shenzhen based marriage agency continues organizing international dating events, where foreigners can meet Chinese women by the dozens, to fulfill this demand for Asian matchmaking services.

Despite several other possible ways of dating a Chinese woman, speed dating in Shenzhen remains the most strongly recommended by seasoned Asian dating coaches. China’s professional cupids’ decades of experience have led them to conclude that speed dating Shenzhen women is the most cost and time efficient way to find a Chinese girlfriend or wife.

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