Valentine’s Gifts That Women around the World Want

Love is in the air and with it is the abundance of chocolates and flowers!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up pretty soon, we thought it would be prudent to list down all the things women will love receiving during this romantic holiday. For all the men who are unsure of what to give to their beloved, worry not. Below is a list of Valentine’s gifts that will guarantee a smile from her at least.

woman holding a gift
All Hearts' Day wouldn't be complete without some sweet Valentine's gifts!

Something She Wants

First and foremost, what you should give her is an item that you know she’s been wanting for a while. If you paid her enough attention for the past months or listened to her complaints about a certain item, then that should be what you give her.

It could be an appliance, furniture, a new gadget, or something that has to do with her hobbies. Is she an artist? Give her high quality art materials (or something that she’s been needing for her supplies). Does she love skin care products? Then give her a gift set from a brand you know she likes.

Maybe she’s a fashionista? You can never go wrong with a nice cashmere sweater or an elegant scarf. If you plan to buy her shoes, then do your research about it first before you pick her shoe size. Some shoes might not be something she is willing to wear simply because of how hard they are to walk in. It’s best to have a keen eye about these things.

Does she have a passion for something? A franchise? A favorite movie or TV series? Maybe merchandise from her favorite films or shows will do the trick. Sometimes, the best gift from a lover is something that doesn’t require a strenuous amount of effort. For example, if she’s a Marvel fan, then buying her some limited edition comics will probably make her love you more.


You can never go wrong with flowers – unless she’s allergic to them.

man hiding flowers from a woman
Valentine's flowers are staples for the famous romantic holiday.

But assuming she doesn’t have any allergies, you should buy her a nice bouquet. And be careful what you choose. All flowers have different sorts of meanings, and sometimes, girls like to look those things up. If you don’t want any unnecessary doubt, pick the flowers that can never do you wrong.

  1. Red Roses - These are the most common and basically the fail-safe of any flower-gifting procedures there are. They mean romantic love and passion. It’s important that you pick out the color red because other colors have different meanings to them.

  2. Carnations - Carnations are also staples for any Valentine’s flowers. Women, yes, even foreign women, love carnations. They aren’t only beautiful, but they also come in pretty colors. They symbolize fascination and distinction. You might want to look into what colors you plan to give, though. The light reddish ones convey admiration, while the darker ones are about deeper love and affection.

    If you really want to hammer it home, put in some white carnations. Those convey purity. The pink ones are for gratitude.

  3. Tulips - Tulips not only compliment the whole bouquet, but they also stand for perfect love. If you want to give her flowers, you can never go wrong with tulips. They symbolize every good thing about love while also promising a future.

    Tip: Put in red ones because they convey true love.

If you want to go over the mile, plan something better. Right before she wakes up, fill her room with a wide array of flowers - ones that not only convey love and affection, but also those that look nice. If you happen to get her favorites, then all the better. It will be a very pleasant surprise for her and will set the mood for the entire day.


Fun fact: Girls absolutely love chocolates.

valentine’s chocolates
Don’t forget the one thing that women will never turn away from – chocolate boxes!

Giving a girl chocolates will always be considered sweet and romantic. You can add in a bouquet of flowers, but it still won’t be complete without the chocolate boxes. Women will sometimes go out of their way to go buy chocolates themselves, especially if it’s during their monthly period of hell.

It’s sort of comforting for them to eat some of these sugary treats. Luckily, during Valentine’s season, these sweets are abundant almost everywhere you go. Some are sold in baskets and others are in expensive-looking heart boxes, which you should probably get for her.

But she will not turn away the chocolate basket, either.

It’s up to you if you want to give her the ones that have alcohol inside, just make sure that she doesn’t mind alcohol in general. Add in a bottle of red wine if you can. It will serve you well during the candlelit dinner meant for later.

And while you two are on a date, feed her some of the chocolates you gave her. Doesn’t that give you a very romantic picture? Remember that women thrive on romantic moments. And if a man just happens to treat them well and is a nice gentleman already, then they won’t let that man go.

Teddy Bears

If your girl isn’t into the typical flowers or chocolates, then buy her a huge teddy bear, one that she can hug. Nothing is more adorable and sweet than a girl who carries around a huge teddy bear on Valentine’s Day.

If you think she prefers something smaller that she can put in her room and be reminded of you, then of course you’re free to buy a smaller one. It will still get the point across anyway. We’re just saying that it gives off more of an impact to give her a giant one.

It not only shows people around you that you are not ashamed of how you feel for her, but it also brings out a very pleased smile from her. She might find it a hassle to carry such a big thing, but deep inside, she likes the thought of carrying it around. She might get smug about it too and show off.

It’s the thought that counts.

To be honest, you could get any or all of these Valentine’s gifts for her, but you need to have good intentions along with them as well. As long as you plan on being together during this special occasion, then that’s all that matters.

Spend Valentine’s Day with her. That’s all she wants from you.

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