How To Beat Thai Women's Expectations on Valentine's Day

A photo of a Thai woman standing by a tree For Thai women, it’s all about showing effort.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many hopelessly romantic men around the world are scrambling to make this an absolutely memorable event for their special someone. The bigger the gesture, the better. For Thai women, this might not always be the case.

Valentine’s Day in Thailand isn’t seen as one of the more extraordinary days of the year compared to other countries. While its people are certainly aware of it and do celebrate it to an extent, it is rather ordinary as special events go.

In order to make progress in the romance department, one must understand that dating in Thailand is unlike dating in the west. Doing so will help you manage and go beyond certain Valentine’s Day expectations.

Thai Dating Culture

One of the first things to recognize is the negative perception of physical intimacy in Thai dating culture. In other words, public displays of affection are normally frowned upon. This means cancelling any plans of hugging, kissing, or cuddling anywhere other than at home.

Another important point in understanding a Thai woman is that she isn’t always going to be direct with you. You see, people are very accommodating and non-confrontational in the Land of Smiles. This atmosphere of harmony is what makes it so great to live there. Unfortunately, this leads to people not being able to tell you what is wrong or what they really want for fear that they might offend you.

If you ask a Thai woman if she would like to go on a roller coaster ride, she will most likely nod her head in agreement, even if she really hates roller coaster rides. Ask her again, though, and you might get a more honest answer.

Making Valentine’s Special for Her

There isn’t a cut and dry formula for Valentine's Day and here’s why. There’s a reason restaurants aren’t all fully booked on February 14th in Thailand. It’s because all Thai women want from you is your love.

Sure, it doesn’t hurt to get creative. Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry; or a night of fine food and wine, and maybe even a stroll down the park after a concert.

Remember, when a Thai woman loves you, it’s real, and she will want you to love her back. So try showing your love for her by showing you appreciate everything about her and her culture.

For Valentine’s Day, learn a poem or song in the Thai language. Take her out to the best local Thai food restaurant you can go to. While you’re at it, plan to go to a temple. Thai women love it when you sincerely try to learn about their culture.

If you would like to give her a gift, try going with something from the heart. A handmade bracelet or a handwritten love letter speaks volumes more than any store-bought item can. If you aren’t confident in your own creative skills and prefer buying something, do a little research and get her something she has really been wanting to buy.

In short, to go past any of her expectations for Valentine’s Day, show her you love her through your efforts. Valentine’s Day might be an ordinary day for Thai women, but show them love and effort and you can make it the most special day of the year.

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