7 Telling Signs That You And Your Partner Are A Perfect Match

A woman wearing a white wedding dress dancing in front of her groom. These signs will confirm if the one you’re with is truly your perfect match.

Experiences in a relationship vary from couple to couple and person to person. But there are certain things that are apparent in a relationship that is headed for that proverbial happy ever after.

Whether you believe in fated couples or soulmates, or simply hope that your current partner is the one for you, it is helpful to know if your romance venture is on the right track.

This dating advice will show you the seven signs that you’ve met your perfect match. Read on and learn what true love really means.

  1. You challenge each other every day. There is always room — even a push — for growth in your relationship, and it comes from both sides. You are inspired to learn for your own sake, first and foremost, and it does not make you feel pressured or burdened in any way.
  2. You are able to pick up each other’s non-verbal cues. Your connection is unique and even deeper than anyone else you’ve known. You know when to reach out and talk when something’s come up, or know when to give space to handle things independently. And by a simple look, you understand what each other is feeling and thinking.
  3. You are comfortable around each other. While there is still personal space given in the relationship, there is a sense of serenity and complete trust when you are together. Things are discussed in an open and non-judgemental manner, and you have a clear understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes.
  4. You are part of each other’s present and future. Your stories always include one another, proving that your partnership is something that is and has been impactful to your personal lives. Further, there is no doubt that your future plans always include your relationship’s prosperity in every decision. And, honestly, you can’t even see the time that they weren't in your past — and you don’t want to!
  5. You love each other’s best and worst self. You can be authentic and just let loose when you are together, and there is still respect, understanding, and love between you. There is no need to keep a happy, perfect front every time because you accept each other’s low times as much as you celebrate the highs. And when the bad times do come, you know what can turn things around.
  6. You have a chemistry that never wavers. Even if you are years well into the relationship, the level of excitement and anxiety you feel when meeting stays the same just like when you first started going out. There is still a surprise factor and the romance never becomes lukewarm. Yours isn’t simply true love, but one that is strong and steady.
  7. You support each other’s goals through everything. Even if you don’t entirely understand their dreams and aspirations, you have each other’s back and do your level best to assist them in achieving it. Also, there is no restriction as to what any of you can want to attain in life. You believe that their happiness is your happiness as well.

Does your partner have all of these characteristics? If so, then you’ve obviously found true love and the perfect partner to spend your whole life with. The only thing left to do is to cherish them and never let go.

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