Qualifying Foreign Women Before Dating

Dating Foreign Women Qualifying women before dating them will save you from the pain of a failed relationship.

For men who seek relationships with foreign women, dating one after another might become tiresome. For some, the revolving rollercoaster of relationships can be very upsetting. For the most part, this is because of one constant aftermath: a failed relationship.

Such series of relationship failures in the past led them to a certain disinclination to the possibility of meeting their so-called, ‘the one’. They come to realize that the concept of meeting your other half is a bluff.

With various online dating sites sprouting here and there, their disappointment grows bigger each time, leading them to the question ‘are international dating sites legitimate enough for them to trust?

This is where the concept of qualifying women becomes relevant. Qualifying women saves you from the draining process of meeting-and-getting-rejected phase or the meeting-dating-but-still-gets-dumped phase of a relationship. The perfect storm would be when you naively barked in the wrong tree where it’s only later on that you realize you are both bound to destroy each other.

Qualifying, or setting qualifications, is most crucial when you seek relationships internationally. While the chance of having to date a foreign woman is considerably high, the risk also is as much higher.

Because of the rising popularity of online dating, more and more women have engaged in dating through this platform, thus creating a competition among fellow women.

To arrive as the fairest of ‘em all, some may have resorted to fabricating their traits, physical attributes, and even identities. Some are purposely ‘delaying’ the process of showing their true selves.

Hence, down here are three simple yet doable guides you need to consider in screening a foreign woman before ultimately deciding to date or commit with her.

Know Yourself Before Dating Foreign Women

In order to effectively date foreign women, you must first know what you value in a relationship. It is through being able to fully know yourself first that you get to have a clear picture of what you are exactly looking for in a woman, especially from a foreign one.

For instance, ask yourself random questions such as ‘do I know how to cook?’ That could be a good quality of yours that can be used to impress a woman.

If not, do you have the means to afford dining out regularly with your foreign bride? Are you willing to learn how to cook if it pleases your future bride? Would you consider culinary skills to be a desirable trait?

Get a clear picture of your qualities you can willingly offer to a woman. In contrast, also know what are those sides of you that you are willing to compromise. Most importantly, be clear with those qualities that are out of your bounds.

Another stage of thoroughly knowing yourself is identifying your goal in the relationship you're seeking.

Aside from being in a long-term relationship, what are the other goals that you wish to achieve?

Are you the affectionate type of person? What is your stand on long-distance relationships?

Are you the type who firmly believes in marriage or would you be open to alternative arrangements?

The questions go on and on as you continuously discover yourself.

A lot of men seeking relationships often forget that knowing themselves first is as important as knowing the girl you are trying to date. Being able to know yourself gives you an absolute edge when qualifying a woman.

Define Your Standards Before Dating Overseas

This is the part where you begin to picture out what your ideal woman is like. With thorough consideration of the qualities you possess, take time to come up with a list of characteristics and traits you are looking for in a woman.

From physical attributes such as body type and height to abstract qualities such as being nurturing or career-driven, carefully sort these standards out.

People often have unrealistic expectations when it comes to foreign dating. Heavy misuse and abuse has contributed to the widespread negative perception and disadvantages of online dating. Having realistic personal standards should help weed out insincere characters in the online sphere.

Do not lose your identity as you create a list of these qualities you want your ideal woman to possess. Ultimately keep in mind the importance of being realistic with your standards so as to save you from further disappointment.

Value Compatibility

Once you have established yourself and the certain traits you are looking for in a foreign woman, go on to search for compatibility. While building rapport in your conversation, be subtly upfront with what you are looking for sans being arrogant or offending. Making your expectations clear to the woman will help her decide if she wishes to pursue the relationship.

This may sound unconventional but at this point, you need to ‘negotiate’ with a woman. With potentially dating foreign women, a lot of matters should be met in between. Thus, you might consider what are these matters that you are willing, and not, to kiss goodbye.

Meeting a highly potential companion can be overwhelming. But, do not get easily smitten and remember those goals you set for yourself at the first part of this guide such as having long-term relationship goals.

Remember that this is the key to avoid having to sign up in a relationship where you are aware would not work, despite having a seemingly good start.

As Fray Narte spoke, the ocean is always deeper than we can see. Knowing when to end an incompatible relationship will only strengthen the odds of finding the right woman.

Physical Beauty Eventually Fades

Having false standards especially for beauty is one chief factor why plenty of men don’t have lasting relationships. One needs to stop believing that the beauty standards set by the media are even real because standards should only be mold along with your identity.

First impressions are not always accurate representations of our true self. Your impression of being ‘appealing’ could simply turn into ‘appalling’ if you take for granted the obvious red flags you should have earlier contemplated.

Foreign women vary in qualities and traits. When it comes to international dating, you set your own standards. Everyone deserves to find true happiness. Never settle for anything less than what’s best for you and your personal standards.

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