How To Get Over A Breakup

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After a breakup, don’t close yourself off from the people who care.

Whatever you’re doing to get over a bad breakup, keep in mind that your mental health comes first.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on. Hello there. How are things going for you?

We don’t need to be the ones to tell you what you already know about breakups.

But, to put it bluntly, they’re terrible.

A terrible breakup can put you in a pit of complete despair like nothing else can. Mutual breakups are also present, but would you be here looking for strategies to quickly get over it if you weren’t so bothered?

We see a lot of rom-coms and sitcoms on what occurs after a breakup and how people deal with it, but in real life, it’s not as simple or as funny as they make it out to be. Giant ice cream tubs? Binge-watching depressing films? Attending parties and becoming inebriated? Really?

The drinking part is undeniably present, but everything else appears to be far too cartoonish and exaggerated. They make it sound like two weeks of ice cream and wine will be enough to get over a relationship that took years to create and maintain.

Some people compare getting over a dead person to getting over a breakup, as morbid as that may sound.

Isn’t it a little like that? You lose a loved one, but instead of that person dying, it’s the love you two have cultivated over the years that dies. Yes, that sounds poetic, but that’s the most realistic way to put it.

We can’t really blame those who isolate themselves from friends and family because of a broken heart. Those of you who are probably feeling empty after a breakup should remember that picking up even worse habits like ignoring your friends, neglecting your work, and failing to practice self-care will not make you feel better.

Here are a few tips in taking the first step out of this sad pit of despair:

1. Rebuild Your Self-Esteem

If your relationship didn't work out, it’s simply because you and your partner didn’t work well together. Do not believe for a moment that it is due to your physical attractiveness. We all know how it is with people who have low self-esteem, especially if the other was the one who broke up with them. Don’t criticize your physical features or personality traits.

It’s not good for you. It’s just part of all the feelings after a breakup. Remember that even though love hurts, the pain isn’t eternal.

Write a list and think of traits that speak to your character. Find your emotional strengths, skill sets, abilities and any other that has value in a relationship.

If you’re having trouble, the best advice after a breakup that we can provide is to reconnect with your friends and family. At the very least, those who won’t bring you down any further and will gladly share all the reasons why they consider themselves fortunate to have you in their lives.

2. Try Three New Places

An assignment that Mary Jo Rapini, a psychotherapist and author of “Re-Coupling: A Couple’s 4 Step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex,” gives out to all her clients is something that you may need to exercise on.

Find a new coffee shop or restaurant to visit once a week, and invite at least one buddy with you. The idea is to change up your regular routine and get away from the places you travel to on a daily basis, particularly ones you’ve been with your previous partner.

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Focus on your mental health during this stage.

Spend some quality time with your friends, especially if it’s been long since you’ve seen them. You can gradually resume dating once a period of time has passed. Perhaps you should broaden your horizons and seek a lovely woman from another nation. You never know when you’ll meet someone who won’t shatter your heart again.

3. But AVOID Rebounds

Don’t hurry into it. A rebound is frequently a quick cure that provides a short lift to your ego. You might feel nothing but guilt once the high goes out. Don’t rush over and find a female to fill the hole because you’ll almost certainly end up in that kind of relationship.

This suggests that avoiding impulsive actions while emotional is simple, but trust us when we say that we know what you’re going through. The best thing we can say about it is to have a trustworthy friend on your side who can bring you back to reality when you’re being reckless. When it comes to comforting you, you want someone who knows what they’re doing.

After a bad breakup, your best ally is your friends. It’s important not to push them away.

4. Let Go Of The Idea Of “Closure”

We all know that life isn’t like a romantic comedy. We get closure in those movies, such as “he cheated on me” or “she was secretly in love with my best friend,” so the character may move on. Unfortunately, this is not how the actual world works.

People end relationships for a variety of reasons that we will never understand. Sometimes people simply drift apart, and other times one of them goes to extremes to end the relationship because there is no other option. All of this is purely circumstantial, but it is more likely to occur than what is depicted in movies.

Abandon the need to ask “why?”. Instead of looking for answers to understand what went wrong, think of better thoughts that are healthier.

“I deserve someone who can love me enough.”

“I deserve better than this.”

I’M better than this.”

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Having a broken heart doesn’t mean YOU’RE broken.

Remember To Hold On To Things That Keep You Grounded

You may not be able to do the things you used to do together, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing things altogether.

Those healthful activities that you and your partner engaged in frequently, particularly those that made you happy? Even if you’re striving to be a better person after a breakup, you don’t have to abandon them. Keep going with your life. There’s no reason to give up your pastimes or hobbies if they keep you grounded.

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