Interracial Relationship | Usual Language Barrier Issues

interracial relationship language difference. Find out how to deal with the language barrier in an interracial relationship.

When you are dating an Asian woman or European woman, one of the biggest challenges you’ll have to face is the language barrier. Misunderstanding is inevitable even if she speaks English fairly well. This is just completely normal for an interracial relationship.

While miscommunication can sometimes be frustrating, there are still ways to deal with them. So to prepare you for the problems that could potentially arise from your language difference, here are the usual issues interracial couples face that are related to the language barrier:

  • Lost in translation
  • Incorrectly translated words and phrases are bound to arise one way or another. And if you aren’t quick to correct them, these simple and innocent mistakes could lead to misunderstandings and even arguments.

    One of the ways you can deal with this problem is to have a dictionary handy. That way you can find the definition without waiting for a translation. Another option is to be open to learning her language. Not only can this improve communication between you, but this gesture also shows how much you care.

  • Learning new words
  • The longer you’re with her, the more you learn her language. And before you know it, you’ll be using some words in random sentences and phrases. If you’re with her long enough, you might even be semi-fluent enough to understand other native speakers on your own. There will even be instances when you don’t need her to translate. Perhaps that would motivate you to learn her language entirely.

  • Coming up with your own way of talking to each other
  • Because only you two can understand each other, to other people you might seem like you’re in your own world. But in all honesty you’ve just come up with a way to communicate with each other better.

  • Pick up on body language
  • Talking to someone that speaks another language can be taxing. But it does force you to find other means of understanding one another, such as reading each other’s body language. You can pick up your partner’s moods by gauging her demeanor. You can even have an idea of what she’s saying based on her facial expressions and gestures.

  • Moments of silence
  • There are times when no words need to be said. You would even appreciate silence as your friend. In these moments of silence, you are simply content in being in each other’s company. You appreciate the fact that your relationship doesn’t have to be riddled with mindless small talk. But when you do communicate, you speak of things that matter.

  • Again, learning new words
  • Another perk of learning some new words is you can use them as catchphrases or simply boast to your friends. Either way, you seem more worldly by speaking another language.

If you are able to get past these minor inconveniences brought about by your difference in mother tongue, then nothing else can likely come between your bond. Believe it or not, you can even use these minor problems as the foundation of a hopefully eventual interracial marriage.

All in all, the world of interracial dating definitely opens you up to more experiences and insights into people and cultures different from yours. That is just one of many other perks and benefits of being in an interracial relationship.

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