Holidate | 12 Romantic Date Ideas for the Holiday Season

couple in snowy weather Looking for date ideas that will spice up the holiday season? You’ve come to the right place.

Christmas is undoubtedly a romantic season. Everything about it just screams romance and intimacy. The cool Christmas breeze, snow turning the whole place into a winter wonderland, carols in the air amping up the yuletide thrill, and couples up and about frolicking.

And maybe this is also the perfect time for you to venture into the dating scene and experience all the warm joy and sweet cheer that the season has to offer!

Are we getting a yes? If so, then here are 12 unique and absolutely romantic date ideas that will surely make her fall for you. Are you ready to have a bright time and rock the night away?

  1. Go ugly sweater thrift shopping. Now, this is something that will give any girl a good time. Coming out of the left-field will leave an impression with her, and it will be one that is funny, memorable and incomparable. And who wouldn’t be giddy when they look for the best, ugliest sweaters to flaunt?
  2. Tour around a neighborhood’s Christmas lights. Who says you have to spend thousands of bucks to have a good time? Walk around where the bright lights will lead you and it will surely be an adventure no one has seen coming. Get lost with her while you get lost in her love, perhaps?
  3. Harvest trees. Change the chore-like feeling surrounding this activity. Make the most out of this time and learn more about her holiday staples aside from the Christmas tree. Try competing with each other and find the best one. It’s never too early in the relationship to assert dominance — at least in picking the tree.
  4. Learn baking. Nothing tastes sweeter than the cookies you bake with the one who makes your world better. And, hey, learning a new skill is not something you should shy away from.
  5. Try window shopping. This is the kind of shopping where you experience the thrill of seeing your favorites without having to foot the bill. Window shopping could be a way for you to get familiar with each other’s priorities and spending habits, and see if they match.
  6. Volunteer at a charity. The noblest of all deeds, this is one of the best date ideas to show her your generosity and compassion for others. Surely, the time you spend together here will stay in her heart for a long time.
  7. Go caroling for a cause. Form a little Christmas band to go around singing in people’s front doors in exchange for some small change. To make it even more meaningful, donate your proceeds to a charity of your choice. Don’t sweat about how you’ll sound, it’s the fun and effort that counts!
  8. Watch a Christmas movie. This classic date still tugs at the heartstrings. You can opt to screen the ones that are newly released or revisit all-time favorites from both of your childhoods.
  9. Watch a live show. May it be a stage play, ballet or even a seasonal circus act, the shared experience will form a bond like no other. And after, you can...
  10. Visit a Christmas-themed cafe. There are a lot of these popping up in time with the cold season, so be sure to catch their delicacies and creative concoctions. Now, your stomachs — and hearts — are warmed.
  11. Find a nature trail. For the adventurous and thrill-seeking ladies, you can suggest hiking a nearby trail. The scenery will surely be like one out of dreamland. Remember, at nature trails, you can only take home sweet memories and cute photos of each other.
  12. Attend a big Christmas party! Being with friends and family is always a fun time. You could get to know each other more, all the while enjoying one of the most special holidays of the year.

Everyone can find love this holiday season. And now you know how to make each date more memorable than the last. It surely is gonna be a merry Christmas.

Still looking for more creative date ideas to fill up your love life’s bucketlist? Simply sign up here and we can set you up for the best love journey ever!

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