Gifts Foreign Women Appreciate in Long Distance Relationships

A gift box A gift can make long-distance relationships with foreign women a little easier.

Starting a long distance relationship is a position in which a great number of men may find themselves. But there are quite a few things that a guy has to understand when it comes to dating foreign women, and one of them is that some courtship rituals may not be feasible and there are some that are feasible, just with a few extra steps in the process.

There are a lot of long distance relationship problems that a guy can face and one of those is the distance in between. Geography is one of the biggest problems when it comes to dating long distance.

For most couples, geography is not normally an issue. After all, many couples either meet and date in the same city or they may even grow up together, in the same town or even the same street. Which makes dating a lot easier since a few hundred or even thousand miles is not an issue.

One thing that couples who do not have to face the problem that is distance do is exchange gifts. It’s one of those things that people do and it’s why a guy may show up with some flowers and/or a box of chocolates when showing up for a date.

But flowers and chocolates do not travel well. Flowers wilt and chocolate melts, though chocolate can be refrigerated to turn it back into a solid that is eaten rather than drank. However, there are other gifts that can be sent in place of flowers and/or chocolate so that long distance couples can keep on with that particular custom:

  1. Some New Tech Devices
  2. There’s something that needs to be understood about tech devices, and it’s that sometimes, they’re not widely available. What this means that sometimes, a device that is available in one market is not available in another. So a man who is dating a woman from a foreign country may have greater access to tech devices than the woman he is dating.

    Now, tech devices are a utility. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, a phone, tablet, or a laptop do not just help a person keep up on social media, they also facilitate people staying in touch with friends in far flung places and also other parts of living like job applications and other sorts of applications.

    Getting a person a tech device is not just about giving them a status symbol, because tech devices are not just that anymore. They are also great for if you want to talk to her, since you can’t very well video chat someone who doesn’t have a device with a webcam. Tech devices are essential if you want to stay connected.

  3. A Subscription To A Streaming Service
  4. One thing that couples do together is watch a series. In fact, watching a series together is such a prevalent couples activity that many people may feel betrayed if their partner watches an episode without them. But if you do want to watch a series with them, then it helps for them to have the right platform on which to watch that series.

    Luckily, there is a pretty good selection of streaming services available all over the world. Sure, some of the content might be region locked, but there are some shows that you’ll have in common and you can watch those shows with foreign women, like couples that don’t have to deal with distance.

    So getting someone a subscription to a streaming service not only offers them a wide variety of content that they can use to keep entertained, which is pretty important. But a streaming service also opens a lot of new ways with which to connect with someone.

  5. Some New Clothes
  6. The thing about clothes is that they are kind of a necessity. In fact, they’re a pretty basic part in the hierarchy of basic needs. Plus, being out and about without clothing is pretty illegal in a lot of places and a lot of guys kind of want their partners to avoid jail time if possible.

    But clothes also help people express how they feel on the inside. Wearing bright colors may mean being happy, whereas someone who wears dark colors may just want to make sure all their outfits match no matter what they choose to wear because black goes with pretty much everything.

    Clothes also make a great gift, provided you know how sizes work because while men’s sizes are pretty standardized, women’s sizes can run the gamut from being intuitive to being downright confusing with a size 4 in one store being vastly different from a size 4 in another store.

  7. Some Jewelry
  8. This might be a tricky gift for long distance couples, since jewelry is pretty expensive by itself, but shipping it from one country to another can mean import fees and taxes. So that’s something that needs to be taken into consideration.

    Of course, there is one piece of jewelry that should be presented in person, typically while you’re down on one knee. You probably already know what the piece of jewelry is, because it’s the one they say you’re supposed to spend two to three month’s salary on.

  9. A Plane Ticket That Goes Either Way
  10. The thing about couples who deal with distance is that they know the best long distance relationship gifts are the ones that keep them connected. Like a phone, laptop, or a tablet. But there’s one thing better than being connected in a lot of instances and that’s being together.

    For couples who are long distance, one or both parties getting on a plane is pretty much the only way in which they can be together. Plane tickets can be pretty expensive, especially if the distance between you really is that, well, distant.

    But they’re also generally the only way to be together barring teleportation or travelling by sea. The former is not possible with humans and the latter can take a while, much longer than the few hours riding in an airplane.

    Distance is a pretty big factor when it comes to dating. But there are a few things that can make that distance a little more bearable. No one said that dating foreign women was going to be all sunshine and rainbows, at least not at first.

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