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What's it like to date foreign women? How do men get to experience dating in different countries? How do you engage in a conversation with a foreigner when there are cultural differences in dating involved?

The most common problem men deal with when dating internationally is they are not completely familiar with the cultures of a certain foreign country, making it difficult for them to communicate with the women.

International dating can be quite a challenge if you are not strong enough to push yourself and persevere, so chances are that if you overcome the language barrier, you could end up with the perfect woman that you’ve been looking for all your life.

Having the courage to initiate and engage in a conversation with a foreign woman is one of the traits that you must possess in order to achieve the first step in getting one to notice you. Most foreign girls like guys who are confident and assertive as it shows masculinity.

Being timid is not all that bad, some foreign women even prefer it. They do not want someone who overwhelms or takes control of them. Usually these women are very proud and have been through a lot. As such, it would be good to learn about dating rules in different cultures to avoid offending the ladies in any way.

Love can be hard to find, true, but it is harder and more of a struggle to get to know someone you'd want to be with in the long run. You must be able to cultivate the love that you've found and watch it grow.

So how do you know when you've found the perfect woman? It's easy. As you start having conversations, create an emotional connection, and you'll soon have that sense of comfort whenever you're with her.

When escalating conversations with a foreign lady, try to consider the following factors:

What to Talk About

Anything goes. Both of you can talk about your likes and dislikes, share and discuss the differences between your home countries, and so on. It is very important to get to know the foreign woman you're dating. As much as possible, avoid talking a lot about yourself.

Once both of you have established a connection and are willing to deepen the relationship, you'll become more and more familiar with your preferences and personalities.

If you can, try to get your lady to think that you have a very high self-esteem, that you don't need to boast all your good qualities to win her over. Simply focus on the basics and allow your relationship to develop naturally.

Listen to her as she talks, and make her feel that you are very interested in her experiences and well being. Make her feel like she has told you the greatest story in the world or the craziest experience you have ever heard of.

But if you want to escalate your conversations, you're going to have to talk about deeper and more meaningful topics, particularly those that focus on your relationship.

  • Living Together
  • Once you reach a deeper level of understanding one another, the next step is usually living together. Some women tend to freak out whenever a guy they're dating asks them to move in with him because it is kind of a big deal.

    You might be planning to have a family with her in the future, so living together can be a trial stage to see if you can make the relationship work.

    Do not be discouraged, there are a lot of advantages to living with your partner. You can get to know each other more in a spiritual and emotional sense, and know whether the both of you are who you claim to be.

  • Physical Escalation
  • Intimacy is necessary in every relationship. It is a bond that a man and woman share in order to deepen their love for one another. Not all women are open to this topic, especially when it goes against certain norms in their culture. That's why it's important that you get to know a woman's culture before considering being in a long term relationship with her.

    Men are expected to be respectful towards women before they get romantically involved with one. With that being said, be sure not to overwhelm your lady by moving forward with your relationship too fast, especially if she is very devoted to her religion.

    Love and lust are two very different things. If you love someone, you are willing to wait for the right moment.

  • Marriage
  • With international marriages, you officially become a citizen of the country of which your foreign lady is from, or the other way around. The problem with this type of setup, however, is that the government can get involved and they can have a lot of questions. It's a process you have to go through to prove the legitimacy of your relationship.

    The question you might be asking is if it's worth it. Well, it can be a hassle, and it is very complicated, but that should not be a problem if you love someone. Life has many challenges, but the question is, are you willing to face them head on?

    A man must be able to prove to his bride-to-be that he will do anything to keep her. So are you willing to sacrifice everything to pursue the woman of your dreams?

Why Talk About Things That Matter?

As a man, you should be well aware about your priorities to keep your woman happy. Believe it or not, something as simple as a single conversation can be the drive that you need to let your relationship flourish.

So in knowing how and when to escalate certain conversations, you'll know how to take care of your relationship more.

The brighter the smile your foreign woman gives, the brighter she illuminates your future together with her. Spend time with her, be her best friend, cherish every moment you have.

Aside from that, you have the responsibility to learn your partner’s love language. You must assure her everyday that there’s a bright future ahead for both of you. Compliment her and express your love for her every day. Notice every little thing she does. Nothing could be better for a woman than a loving partner.

Learn about her cultures and respect her traditions. Participate in activities and be aware of what not to do. Do your research and surprise her in every way that you can with anything that involves her culture - be it traditional dishes, festivities, and the like.

Make her fall in love with you every day. Do your best to provide the best criteria she’s looking for in a man. Get rid of all her insecurities and always make time for her. This is ultimately how you can get foreign women to be crazy about you.

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