Dating Advice | 4 Things That Are OK To Disagree On

Man and woman sitting beside each other. Here’s a piece of vital dating advice to remember: It’s OK to disagree on some things.

Move away from the thinking that a relationship is only happy and flourishing when you two are always agreeing on things. As much as compatibility and harmony are important in relationships, there must also be room for each of you to think, move and feel independently, grow and be comfortable with decisions that involve one’s self. And who wants a relationship that's monotonous and predictable anyway?

Having a stand that is your own need not lead to a crack in your companionship. It only means that there is respect and understanding from both of you, and that makes for a more realistic goal in a healthy relationship.

Read on and learn from this dating advice about when it is OK to disagree and simply meet each other halfway.

  • The Vote
  • It has become a common understanding in relationships that there should be no mention of polarizing topics such as religion or politics to avoid debates and divides. While there is merit to such practice, you must remember that politics directly affects your lives and thus you must also practice your right to decide who to vote for a post.

    It is fine to differ here, and your relationship will most probably still stand after. Take note that while you want your values to be the same, it is OK to have different beliefs.

  • Me Time
  • How you spend your healing time can be different from that of your partner, and that is totally acceptable. You may need a moment all to yourself and mute the outer world to recharge while she may opt for a slow day with select friends and a sip of wine. What’s important is the respect each of you maintain for your different needs.

    This is a piece of real dating advice that many tend to forget, but you must take note that investing in your mental health is all for the welfare of your personal life as well as your love life.

  • Type of Food
  • Many couples make it a point to consider food as a huge chunk of their relationship adventures. So how would you balance a desire to add to your couple time when you cannot even agree on a simple dinner?

    Simple: chalk it up to personal preference and let it be. Also consider that food could be critical to your partner’s health or culture, a common scenario in an interracial relationship. Spend time together by prepping for your own cravings and count that as a win for both of you.

  • Vacation Decisions
  • As much as we’d like to tick all the boxes on our personal bucket list, you may have to compromise some of those in order to avoid making your partner feel left out. When going on vacations, it’s not just your dream destinations that you are going to take into account anymore, you’ll have to consider her’s as well.

    There might also be a time when your priority will not match her availability. Easily address this by clearly communicating before committing to a future plan. You choose what to do this holiday season, and she can pick next for the following year.

As with any important aspect of life, treat your differences in the relationship with respect and open communication, and it will surely clear out any chance of doubt or misunderstanding. When you can make decisions individually and still keep the partnership warm and growing, that is a clear manifestation of a strong and enduring love.

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