Dating Advice | How To Protect Your Relationship After A Fight

A woman and a man making gestures of frustration while sitting on a bench. In this dating advice, learn how you can save your love even if arguments break out.

Even if you consider you and your partner to be a perfect match, there is always a chance for conflicts and misunderstandings to creep up. It is a normal — and actually healthy — occurrence in relationships, since you are different people, with different ideas, and you are allowed to be on the opposing side of things.

And it’s fine — as long as you know how to properly handle a fight in the heat of the moment.

But what you might be missing are the things to do after, so your relationship won’t take permanent damage, or worse, cause it to end.

Fret not! With the multitude of dating advice available for men on the web, we’ll simplify the steps you can take to protect your love after a fight. Read on.

  1. Escape all-or-nothing thinking. After a fight, remember to keep an open mind and don’t let yourself fall into the trap of black-or-white thinking. Deciding that your partner is completely wrong at this point, based on the pull of your emotions, will not, in any way, solve the root of the issue. So, take a step back to cool off and try to consider your partner’s point of view.
  2. Respect your partner’s need for space. When a person is overwhelmed, they may not be able to process their thoughts and communicate effectively. This can prolong the fight and hurt your partner — and even you. So when they ask for a break, give it to them. Just imagine if the roles were reversed. You’ll be thankful for this simple thing with a great impact.
  3. Say sorry properly. There is no need to feed your partner with an “I’m sorry” if you only want to stop them from talking to you or to drop the issue on hand. Why? Because you are not truly apologetic. The right and honest way of saying sorry is to include an explanation of what you are sorry about and then follow it up with a promise to change in the future. Remember to walk that talk.
  4. Don’t ignore your partner. Giving them the cold shoulder will not solve anything and could even aggravate the situation. They might think that you are punishing them and, in return, convince them to keep their feelings and thoughts from you even more. If you want space, say so. Don’t brush them off and disappear off the grid, because, in the end, you want to come back to her and to the relationship, right?
  5. Avoid being passive-aggressive. The fight may still be hyping you up but that isn’t an excuse to start name-calling or voicing out concerns where your partner can’t directly answer. No healthy relationship uses underhanded measures just to “get in the other party’s head.” Communication must be clear for things to be settled amicably.

In a perfect world, your love will be free of issues. But that will also mean that you’ll never learn to navigate the forgive-and-forget thing and that there isn’t a way to see if your relationship truly can navigate through fights.

This list is your handy guide to salvaging your love even when the seas get rocky.

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