Dating Advice | Extrovert and Introvert Dating: Can It Work?

A couple having a nice conversation over coffee. Find out how to make relationships with introverts work using our helpful dating advice.

Not all women are outgoing and friendly. Some just need a bit more coaxing in order to get to know them. There are even some that tend to stay quiet and not join in on conversations. When you come across that kind of a woman, you should know that there is nothing wrong with her. She just happens to be an introvert.

In an extroverted world, an introvert might seem like an anomaly. While extroverts dating introverts experience challenges, their relationship can still work as long as they both respect each other’s social boundaries and preferences. It might take some time to work out your differences, but you can smooth out some of them with this piece of dating advice:

  • Respect her need for space
  • Whenever she keeps her distance, don’t take it personally. You have to understand that introverts recharge and thrive while being on their own. But this doesn’t mean they are antisocial. They are actually good conversationalists. However, there is a limit to their social interactions. So if she’s asking for space, don’t think she doesn’t want anything to do with you. She probably just needs to recharge a bit.

  • Give her a chance to talk
  • Introverts are actually good listeners. They would not mind if their partners hog the conversation. But once they do speak their mind, you better pay attention because whatever she says might be helpful at some point. Because they are quite observant, they have a better grasp of situations and people than most.

  • Allow her to show affection in her own way
  • When it comes to affection, extroverts tend to be more openly affectionate compared to introverts. That’s because introverts tend to be more reserved when it comes to showing emotion. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t affectionate at all. They just have a different way of showing it, such as asking if you’ve already eaten, how your day was, or even giving you a gift for no apparent reason.

  • Don’t pressure her to attend or stay in all social functions
  • Most introverts don’t mind going to social functions and events, but going to too many can be overwhelming for them—even if they are with you. In case this happens, allow her the solitude she needs to recharge. Again, don’t take this personally because this is just how introverts are wired.

  • Learn to appreciate the silence
  • Introverts tend to avoid small talk. They are comfortable with silence and don’t think it is necessary to make mindless conversations. During the times she doesn’t talk, don’t think she is giving you the proverbial silent treatment. Perhaps she is simply taking the time to think. If you really can’t stand the silence, make sure to ask engaging questions instead of shallow ones. That way you stimulate her interest.

The point is that you just have to respect that your introvert date operates differently. And if you appreciate her differences, you two might just find love with one another.

These pieces of dating tips can also be useful if you plan on dating foreign ladies. That’s because there are some cultures that aren’t as socially outgoing compared to Western culture, especially in terms of showing affection. When finding a foreign girlfriend, you might have to tone down your PDA to avoid offending her. In short, you have to adjust in order to win the heart of your foreign date.

After all, the secret to finding love is consistently maintaining respect and understanding. The moment that you learn how to live by other people’s differences the more you’re likely to foster meaningful and lasting relationships.

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