Date Ideas | 7 Cute Halloween Date Ideas You Must Try

Woman in jeans and white shoes holding a pumpkin. Your Halloween celebration will never be boring with these unique date ideas.

Halloween is fast approaching — have you thought about anything special you can do this year? Attending a party is the usual routine for many and maybe for you too. It is a fun activity but as the years go by, it can become a drag. And you would rather stay at home and sleep the night off. Not so fast! With the right date ideas, you can add a little bit of extra flair to your Halloween celebration.

Make the holidays more exciting and even romantic with these creative date ideas we have for you and your boo. Who said spooky nights can’t be one of the best couple activities to try?

  1. Go classic and watch horror films.
  2. Halloween always calls for movie nights, and you can make this unique for you and your partner by setting up a cozy fort at home. Throw in a few — or lots! — of Halloween candies, serve cocktails or mugs of hot cocoa, cuddle up and prepare to scream a lot.

  3. Go out and have fun at the carnival and themed parks.
  4. Be sure to pick a Halloween-themed place and try out their horror rides, booths and games. Nothing says thriller more than being in a spooked crowd.

  5. Test your courage and visit a haunted house.
  6. This could be one of the cheapest date ideas to try — so long as the place is not restricted from public access or is a hazard. There should be several abandoned places in your area waiting for you to explore. Places like a corn maze, empty and isolated streets, church ruins and even old, abandoned buildings.

  7. Try carving a pumpkin.
  8. It is a Halloween tradition common to most Western countries that are now adopted by the rest of the world. Treat your partner to this fun experience by making it a competition. Beware, however, carving only looks easy until you get a caved in monstrosity — but that could be the charm, right?

  9. Share scary stories in the dark.
  10. You can either have other friends in on the fun or make it an exclusive activity with your partner you as you recall the creepiest experiences of your lives. Keep the place as quiet as possible and don’t forget the best storytelling technique — scream at the end of every story.

  11. Dress up with the kids.
  12. We are not saying that you should shun the tradition of dressing up, but you can spur it up by being with the kids rather than the usually drunk adults. You can join them as they walk the neighborhood or you can stay outside and trick them before they can ask for treats. If the little ones scream, you’ve succeeded in the mission.

  13. Visit a graveyard.
  14. Can it get creepier than this? Any time of the year, this place is undeniably spooky, what more when you visit during the night when all horrors are out to get you? This could easily be the movie of your lives. A graveyard midnight date is one to top every relationship goals there is.

See, there are still more exciting and unique date ideas to try this Halloween! The only rules to remember are to stay safe and have fun. Remember: If it’s spooky, it will surely be memorable.

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