5 Easy Steps to Avoid ALL Online Dating Scams

hands on laptop with phone on a couch Romance scams are on the rise. Do you know what to do to not fall for them?

There’s no denying that the internet makes our lives easier and more convenient.

Looking for love has never been more convenient than it is today thanks to online dating.

While the traditional way of creating connections and building relationships is still far from being forgotten, the evolution of online dating has presented a better and easier alternative.

Scour the net and you will be shocked to find an abundance of apps and dating websites available. Most are free and easy to operate, with the ability to connect to anyone anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a site that caters to a specific demographic, as in race, age, religion, language or sexuality, odds are there are dating apps for your preference.

Today, no one is left out when it comes to online dating.

As fun and harmless as it may seem, online dating also comes with a fair amount of potential pitfalls. Just as many are charmed into going online, those who have less-than-noble intentions mingle with the crowd and take advantage of the less vigilant. Scammers and liars will hook you in with their tales and declaration of love — only to leave you hurt in the end.

Are you ready to get your feet wet and waddle through the waters of online dating?Learn to find love in the most enjoyable way without falling for online dating scams.

They say love’s a battle, so why not arm yourself right now?


 person using phone and laptop Romance scams cannot hold their stories together.

Congratulations! You have already found a potential romantic partner. Now, your job is to not be blinded by their words and photos.

We are not saying that you should not trust anyone on the internet, but that you should not be too quick to believe and empathize with their story.

Doing a little sleuthing on their online profiles in various sites can help you verify their claims.

Do their stories match up?

How many online accounts are under this name?

Do all of their online accounts coincide?

Romance scammers usually have very superficial posts on their profiles or impersonal information uploaded. When you find someone like this, think of a red flag already.

Remember: An online, long-distance relationship can work — if there’s honesty at the foundation.

3. Use Reverse Image Search on Google.

person typing on laptop A quick online search can help you out of a possible romance scam.

Identity theft fuels the creation of fake dating profiles.

Most scammers use false names and fake photos in their profiles. It pays to have a sharp eye in checking online profiles.

Let your own gut feel and judgment lead you.

Try using Google’s free reverse image search.

Pull up the pictures in question and run it online. The result will help you find out if they were used in other singles account from other dating sites or apps.

This will help determine if they were sadly stolen from someone else and used to create fake profiles.

You can easily determine if a photo is manipulated or inconsistent.

It also pays to give a vote of confidence only to people who have at least a dozen or so pictures in their public profiles.

It’s obvious that actual love seekers wouldn’t shy away from sharing their real accounts if they are actively looking for connections.

So, that’s another filter for you.

4. Slow Down and Learn More About Your Match.

person typing on iPad A romance scam usually pushes you to commit to the relationship ASAP.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn more about your online match.

As with any other romantic endeavor, you should make the time to get to know each other better.

It may be a virtual connection but that doesn’t mean you are only meant to have a superficial relationship.

Ask about things that you are genuinely curious about. Pick questions that will give you good clues about their life.

Be careful and honest when answering their own queries about you.

Find the balance between honesty and giving away too much personal information. You statements can be used against you by ill intention driven people.

Scammers usually want someone to commit to the relationship quickly — simply for the quick money.

Requests for money may be the easiest way to determine the intentions of a woman you're actively pursuing in an online romance. Nearly every online dating scam reported involves some form of sending money to the offending party.

Common scams that lead to wiring money typically involve a tragic event happening to the scammer or a family member. This may be the oldest trick in the book of online dating scams.

5. Meet Her In Person.

two people meeting with drinks and gadgets on table If they can’t meet you in person, it’s a romance scam.

Meeting in person isn't only a chance to interact and be even more comfortable with each other. A real life interaction can assure they're an actual person.

This may be a huge step but it is an essential one to make.Why?

Because scammers are afraid to come out from behind their screens and have their truths grilled on the spot.

You can test this if your date always cancels on your planned meetups with no proper excuse.

Seeing each other for at least a few times also keeps you safe from potential long-distance relationship problems.

What’s holding you and your partner back? Hopefully nothing sketchy is holding you back.

Online dating is indeed a thrilling and tricky space to navigate in.

You shouldn’t let the grim tales of others deter your own chance at creating connections, experiencing happiness and finding love again.

As long as you keep these tips in mind and do your own due diligence, there’s little chance of you falling for an online dating scam.

Log on and start connecting now! You’ll never know if the Right One is just waiting for a message from you.

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