How to Keep an International Marriage Afloat

a couple who found new love Keep your international marriage from falling apart by learning 4 essential tips that will help you keep it afloat.

Marriage is not all rainbows and butterflies. Undeniably and inevitably, problems of different sorts do occur in the course of marital life. This is especially true for an international marriage. If you can’t help fights and arguments from happening with a partner whom you share the same culture with, imagine being with someone who has a different set of beliefs and values from you?

We are purposefully stating this neither to scare nor discourage you but merely to expose you to the reality of married life. The fact that you’re reading this article right now means that you are either going through or have gone through a rough patch in your marriage but still failed to make it work. Regardless of whether you are the former or the latter, this relationship advice will help you a great deal either way.

Dating after divorce is a scary thing to do. With the ghost of your failed relationship still haunting you, mustering up enough courage to put yourself out there and pursue the kind of happiness and love you deserve is never an easy feat. With that in mind, we genuinely want you to find true love and arm you with the knowledge to make your relationship or marriage alive and enduring.

If you ever get to a point in your relationship where you feel like you’re on the brink of falling apart, just remember these 4 marital life savers:

  • Communication is always key.
  • Tons of marital problems spring up from communicative inadequacy and inefficiency. A lot of couples tend to abandon communication in the face of adversity when in fact it is during times of trouble when they should talk a lot more.

    When you just open up and express your sentiments, both of you can come up with powerful collaborative ideas that might eventually help you get out of the mess you’re experiencing.

  • Address the root cause of the problem.
  • In medical science, you ought to treat the cause, not the symptoms. The same thing applies in the context of marriage; you have to deal with and focus on eradicating the cause of your marital woes, not on the stemming scenarios that grew out of your unsolved fights.

    For instance, when you are experiencing a hell week of fights and misunderstanding, consider asking yourself these questions: “when did this fight start?; what had caused this to continue until today?; are we not overreacting?”. After a thorough analysis of your current situation, approach your partner and initiate the emotional renovation process.

    In this way, you would be able to address the root cause of the problem, and consequently, you might as well agree on neither fighting on the same thing again, nor digging senseless matters from the past.

  • Never let anger take over.
  • Pride and anger are the usual culprits why tons of marriages fall out. It’s ok to be angry but where a lot of couples go wrong is when they allow their anger to cloud their judgement that makes them say and do things they often regret in the end.

    Women, even those that are marriage material, are naturally temperamental, thus, as a man, you should take the initiative to let cooler heads prevail.

  • Agree on significant matters and set marital principles.
  • Like everything else, international marriage has its pros and cons. One of its cons is the significant difference in yoru cultures and traditions. It is imperative that you find a happy middle where everything you stand for and believe in will not be compromised.

    Set inviolable marital principles or ethos that you as a couple must abide by. This will allow you both to know your limitations and boundaries.

We all have our own ways of coping with predicaments. But regardless of our means, we must always face adversities with the end in mind - and that is reconciliation and resolution. Just follow the 4 tips we discussed above and we guarantee you that your relationship will endure whatever life will throw at it.

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