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China is known for its mighty economy due to the country’s seemingly limitless business opportunities. Yet, amidst being a tiger in the economical aspect, China is a gentle giant. It gives high regards on the importance of its history and ancient customs. The stories of China as well as the Chinese myths and folklores will surely make your fantasies alive and your imaginations work. It does not only capture you with its literature and arts; China also boasts a lot in its aesthetics - from its mountain ranges, its beautiful and historically significant rivers, up to its architectural designs. China indeed holds a Jade that no other country has! However, amongst its Jades, the most treasured ones are its people specifically Chinese women.

Falling in love with a Chinese woman could just be the start of your “happily-ever-after.” The marriage-worthiness of these women lies beyond their cutesy Chinese eyes, naturally-silky hair and their facade; it is what lies within that makes them the Jade treasures of China. The country may have been influenced by modernization, yet it still remains traditional. In fact, it can still be observed with how Chinese women preserve the traditional qualities that their ancestors have passed down to them through generations.

Before you could run around in China and get excited to have yourself a Chinese bride, you must first understand their culture and the qualities these women have in order for you to know how much worthy they are of your love. Dig deeper on the attributes of these women and make yourself the happiest and luckiest man alive.

Imposing Qualities of Chinese Women

With China’s wide population, you will find all sorts of women. These women’s being may have been influenced by different factors, yet all of them still have similarities in personality, character and attitude. Here are a few of the many imposing qualities that Chinese women have:

  • Practicality. The dragon-ish economy of China does not only equate to the weight of business opportunity in the country but as well as its people’s practicality--- this is one thing that you can expect from its women. These women may look good with how they dress up, yet their practicality arises above being able to look good; they are practical and frugal. They know when and when not to spend money. In fact, when you’re in a relationship with one, she might even tell you that you shouldn't be spending your money on things of less importance.
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  • Traditionalism. Again, China gives importance to its traditions and history. Its women honor the century-old traditions that the country has. Although influenced by external cultures, Chinese women still practice their traditions especially when it comes to relationships and marriage.
  • Loyalty. Because Chinese women are traditional, having multiple romantic relationships is unthinkable. However, their loyalty does not only apply in romantic relationships. It has been known that a Chinese woman will defend the ones she loves no matter what and stays with them amidst all the hardships.
  • Walking the talk. These women are not only good with their talks--- they prefer actions than words. Because of this, they are mostly nonverbal. Rather than telling you constantly how much she loves you, she instead cooks for you, massages you and makes sure that you are given the utmost care she can give. That is how China women act their emotions out.

Chinese Mail Order Brides vs Western Brides

You may be wondering how these Chinese brides differ from those of western influence. Well, nationality and language can point that out, but there are more considerations that set the differential line between the said brides. Take a look at the following general comparisons to get a view on how your Chinese bride responds when it comes to marriage, relationship and life.

  • Starting a Family. While building a family may impose a thorough discussion and decision-making among Western women because of their career-mindedness, Chinese women can be taken differently. In fact, their upbringing has a lot to do with their readiness on the duties and responsibilities of being a wife and a mother.
  • Weddings. In China, a traditional wedding is mostly done in order to follow their ancestral ways. It may appear lavish, yet it is actually simple and only involves those who have certain significance in the lives of both the groom and the bride. Chinese people consider marriage as a sacred ceremony in union of the groom and the bride as well as their families. This is contradictory to the lavish and fancy weddings that most Western women prefer.
  • Partner’s Age. Chinese women do not have problems with age. They only see it as mere numbers in one’s life; that is why their looks usually deceive people of their real age; they mostly look younger than they actually are. With this, marrying someone older is not an issue for these women. As for most Western ladies, they prefer someone of the same age; in that way, they’ll see a common ground of impulsiveness and energy.

Chinese Wedding Traditions for its Women

Getting yourself a Chinese bride does not only mean that you have to know the qualities that she possesses but as well as to get familiar with her culture. China has quite an amazing culture and equally interesting part of it is the Chinese marriage culture. This involves wonderful and unique traditions that you must get to know with if you are to marry a Chinese woman. To help you out with that, the following are some of the traditions done in a Chinese wedding ceremony.

  • The Engagement. To announce the engagement, the groom’s family shall present gifts such as food and cakes to the bride’s family. Both families will then send a “Double Happiness” cake to their relatives and friends along with the invitation printed on red paper. When this is done, the bride’s family will make a list for the dowry that the groom and his family must comply.

    In addition to the wedding preparation, the bridal bed will be set by someone who is considered lucky in any of the family; one who has a successful marriage with a number of children. This person must set up the bed for the newlywed’s first night together. When the bed is set up, fruits are then scattered on the red bed sheet where children are allowed to play. After this bridal bed ritual, no one is then allowed to sit or lie on it until the bride and groom do so after their wedding ceremony.
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  • Picking up the Bride. To pick the bride up before the wedding ceremony, the groom leads a procession to the bride’s home. It starts with a loud bang of firecrackers, drums and gongs to signal the start of the journey. A child should walk in front of the procession symbolizing the wish for a future child. The people behind shall bring lanterns and banners and the others will play the instrument. On the rear of the procession is a dancing lion for good measure.
  • Bridal Games. The procession ends when the groom arrives in front of the bride’s house. However, this does not mean that he gets to collect his bride readily once he arrives. He still has to haggle with the bride’s female friends who set out tasks and stunts for him to do before he gets his bride.

    They expect him to hand over money in a red packet to get the bride. The bride’s father then takes out her daughter from the room and gives her hand to the groom. Once this is done, the couple shall then kneel in front of the bride’s parents to pay honor and respect.
  • Tea Ceremony. Tea is considered a significant part of the Chinese culture. During weddings, the newlywed couple must serve tea containing either two lotus seeds or two red dates to the groom’s family. Serving them should be in order starting from the parents, to the eldest and down to the youngest. When this ceremony is done, the family offers the couple a red envelope with money or jewelry.
  • After the Wedding. A day after the banquet, the groom will introduce his now-wife to his friends and relatives where she kneels down and receives a gift from each of them; she then receives a title that reflects the standing of her husband in the family. Two days later is the visitation of the bride’s parents. The woman shall take her man to visit her parents to assure them that she is happy and well-accepted by the groom’s family.

There are actually a lot more to learn when it comes to marrying Chinese women. The above mentioned details are only a few of the things that you need to understand in the Chinese culture and traditions. It may be foreign and new but it can all be worth it once you find your Chinese wife and that is where our site can help you with.

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