Finding New Love After Heartbreak | A Step Towards Moving On

A couple who found new love in each other’s arms Learn the tricks of the trade in finding new love after a horrible break up.

If you’ve just had a rough and toxic relationship, it’s understandable to feel anxious and even fearful about starting over again. Some would even go as far as contemplating giving up on love completely.

While human minds are biologically hardwired to get us as far away from potentially painful experiences as possible, shutting out the idea of falling in love again will not make you any happier either. The pursuit of happiness requires us to take our chances outside of our comfort zones. It requires us to gamble on love - an abstract idea that might bring us bliss but at the same time could also make us miserable. Such is the nature of life.

You have the choice to either cocoon yourself in a protective shell which will most likely prevent you from getting hurt, or put your guard down which may expose your vulnerabilities but could also increase your odds of finding new love. The ball is in your court.

For a lot of older gentlemen who have failed marriages in the past, however, dating after divorce can be quite intimidating. Given their age and turbulent romantic history, some feel like their chances of meeting women for marriage are thinning down.

But the secret to finding true love is not to give up on it in the first place. For as long as you actively search for it, new love will eventually find its way to you. So to get you started on your romantic quest, here are some important tips that you should always keep in mind:

  • Start with a clean state
  • If you want to make it work this time, make sure to start it right. It’s important not to bring any remnants of your previous relationships to your new one. So if you still have an ax to grind with your ex, resolve them first before even seeing anyone again.

  • Don’t put your ex on a pedestal
  • Dating someone new only on the basis that they remind you of your ex is a recipe for disaster. A lot of people find themselves dealing with the same relationship woes as they did with their previous relationships because instead of choosing someone better, they still fall for someone with similar qualities as their ex. So don’t be afraid to bend your standards and preferences a little.

  • Sign up for an online dating site
  • For a lot of older men, pubs, bars, and cafes aren’t necessarily the best places for them to meet women in anymore. So if you want a more convenient but equally effective way to find a partner, signing up for an online dating site might be the way to go.

    Even if you’re used to the old-fashioned way of dating, it’s important to also adapt to modern methods. So going to matchmaking service providers might not be a bad idea.

  • Stop Looking For Love On The Wrong Places
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